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Mystery snails! [entries|friends|calendar]
Aquarium snails.

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Snail ID help [28 May 2011|12:15pm]

Hi everyone.
I noticed this little guy on the side of my tank this morning.  I've tried researching what he is and I think he might be a baby ramshorn, but I'd like some more opinions. He's really tiny, I had to take the photos in macro mode to get decent shots. He's be about 3mm in diamter?  

PicturesCollapse )

Thanks for any help :)
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How my snails celebrated Cinco de Mayo [06 May 2008|01:13pm]

The gang's all here... :)

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Hello! [08 Feb 2008|08:26pm]

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this community and to the snail world...I am hoping I can get some advice on how to take care of my snails, whom I have now grown deeply attached to lately.

I have 55g tank that has seven goldfish in it. Yes, way too much for this tank I know, but I really did think my feeders wouldn't survive when I was cycling it. I guess I did a better job than I thought!

Then I got a HUGE algae problem, so I went to Ebay and won a bid for three Apple Snails. Little did I know they were going to give me extras in case some didn't survive getting here.

Well, there were eight snails, all alive and kickin'....and going strong for over two weeks now.

Most of my algae is gone. YAY!

However, my goldfish are pigs...so if I drop any food *what-so-ever* it gets eaten by them. So I have no idea if my snails will get enough to eat now.

I started dropping algae tabs before I go to bed, hoping my goldfish don't see them since it's dark. I started putting calcium and iodine for these guys too.

I am wondering if there are any tricks you know of to make sure these guys get well fed?

I plan on putting two in my betta tanks (a 6g and 3g) to help my algae problem and a bad infestation of regular snails for awhile. (I heard these guys will help control them, right?)

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My Snails -- Shell issues [07 Jan 2008|09:26am]

Hi everyone, just joined the community and was hoping to get some thoughts on my snail babies. I have two, and they are my first ones ever. I read everything on them and here is what's going on in my tank.

behind the cut :)Collapse )
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Apple snail? [23 Oct 2007|06:01pm]

Hello, all~

I recently lost my two beloved bettas, and while I'm looking for something to fill that empty space in my heart (and my fish tanks), I'm not quite sure I'm ready for another betta just yet. What I'm looking into is... apple snails. I think they're terribly cute, and I'd love a chance to take care of one. :)

However, I'm looking for some good information about snail-rearing. I've read applesnails.net and it's got a lot, but I find sites like that kind of impersonal; I'd like to know if anyone has personal stories or tips to share. Basically I will be starting from the ground up with a small tank, probably the 2.5 gallon Minibow that my male betta lived in.

A couple of specific questions I have...
-is it necessary for an apple snail's water to be filtered? I didn't use a filter with my betta boy; I did water changes at least once a week (usually twice) and it worked really well for him. Not sure how a filter would work for a snail?
-how much water is needed for one snail? I have read varying estimates across different websites, and I'd love to have a more concrete idea.
-would one snail even be happy living by itself in a tank? I don't think 2.5 gallons is enough for anything else to be living with the snail... even a small fish or another snail. What do you think?

Answers to these questions, as well as general tips, would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!

(This is cross-posted.)
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Olive Nerite Snails for adoption - Puget Sound Area [05 Mar 2007|10:37pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I've got three healthy Olive Nerite Snails that I don't (and won't) have a home for. I got them almost a year ago from AZGardens.com in a batch of 12 but my tanks have shrunk in number since then and I've discovered that there's enough naturally occuring salt in my water that they're fertile so I can't keep more than two, maybe three, to a 10 gallon tank for fear of being overrun. They really are wonderful for cleaning all kinds of algae (even black, though they prefer hair and green) off of hard to clean areas like gravel, I just don't have the room for them anymore.

I won't ship them as I have no idea what kind of shipping issues I'd have to go through with them. One is approx. 3/4" while the other two are 1/2". One of the smaller ones is labled with a "2" on its shell in permanent marker from an unsuccessful attempt to determine the sex of the snails. In this trio there is at least one male and one female as I have observed the big one "mounting" the small unlabeled one and seen eggs within a few days after. To get these snails from AZGardens you'd pay a minimum of $50 with S&H, so this is a good deal.

If you're interested in them please respond to this post. All comments will be screened for privacy and, depending upon the area, I may even be able to deliver so you don't have to drive to get them. Thank you very much!

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New Apple Snail [13 Feb 2007|09:19am]

[ mood | curious ]

My girlfriend and I purchased our first applesnail a couple weeks ago and have put it in a 20G tank with a few different types of Goldfish.  We love this thing!  It's so fascinating and fun to watch...when it moves that is.  We're not sure if it is a male or female and have attempted to figure it out using a method found on applesnail.net, at first we thought it was a male and named him Fabio...but then later we thought we were mistaken and that it was actually a female.  We then changed his name accordingly to Fiona.......but then we figured to be safe we would compromize and name it Fabiona. \

So far it seems to be doing pretty well, not really as active as we were expecting and spends much of the day in its shell but I think this is due to the colder water.  I believe Applesnail.net said they were more active in warmer water.  

We have been feeding it:  

- Algae
- Wafers
- Fish flakes

We've also put in peices of potatoe which it latches on to but i'm curious...is it possible to over feed an applesnail?  When it's attatched to the potatoe it just stays there and eats and eats and eats.  How do I know when it's had too much?  I guess the same goes for other foods as well, how do I know when to stop the snail from eating? Or is it smart enough to know when it's done and simply stop on its own?  Another question on food, as they seem pretty accepting of most types of food is there anything I should avoid?

Its shell looks a little ratty and does have a few flakes coming off, I'm assuming this is because of there not being much calcium in the water?  We're going to try and get a cuttle bone soon or something else to help.  Will this affect the fish as well?  Or should we put the snail in a seperate feeding bowl and add calcium to that every day?

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[04 Feb 2007|02:52pm]

I have some apple snails and I'm a bit worried about their shells. I want them to be as strong as possible, and right now I don't think they are. (Although, they don't look that bad at all, I just think they could look a little bit better.)

I have heard of adding eggshells to the water, could somebody give me specifics? (How many eggshells, do I put them in a mesh bag in the filter or what, will this affect my water parameters or other fish, etc.)

Or, should I use the liquid marine calcium, and if so, how much should I put in?

I do have pretty hard water, 7.8 ph, and they get a varied diet of fish foods, algae wafers, bottom feeder wafers, crab cuisine pellets, and zucchini. And tank algae, of course. They seem healthy, I just want good strong-looking shells. 


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What do I feed my mystery snails? [26 Jan 2007|08:39pm]

I just brought home two mystery snails. The lady at the petstore said to just feed them fish flakes.
I did some research and found out that they also eat solid foods like vegetables and fruit.
Please give me some ideas of which fruit and vegetables they like :D!

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[13 Jan 2007|05:56pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I just found a baby snail in my snail-free aquarium. Apparently they have been there for about a week, my girlfriend just advised she has been picking them out for a week or so, thinking they were just clumps of plant/food, which is a bit odd in itself.

He is the only one I can see in there now, which seems a bit odd, although there could be more hiding in plants, I haven't had a really thorough look yet. We got a new plant last week, which is the only new thing that's been introduced lately, so he must have come off that.

Oh, I just had a quick look and found one more, much smaller than him. I really just hope they aren't going to keep multiplying!

I'm suprised the gouramis or little sucking catfish haven't demolished them, like they inhaled the baby guppies.

I know he's too small to tell what he is, and I didn't see any egg pods, so I've no idea how at least 6 baby snails ended up in my tank :o

Baby SnailCollapse )

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FREE Gold Brig Clutch [09 Oct 2006|08:57pm]

My snail has laid a clutch and I want to find a good home for it. The clutch is free though I would appreciate if you would reimburse me for the shipping costs.
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[01 Oct 2006|05:07pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I have a snail. His name is Bailee and he hitchhiked home with me on the new plant I got for the angelfish. At the moment he is hiding in a spare bowl I found, because I didn't want to just throw him in the tank without knowing what he was, in case he decided to multiply and take over the tank.

Can anyone tell what he is by looking at his shell (the rest of him is hiding, I think he's slighlty bewildered at the sudden location change).

He's hereCollapse )


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inactivity? [19 Sep 2006|12:56pm]

My snail has been fairly inactive over the weekend, seems a bit more skittish (drops from the tank sides) and sitting around, often on its shell. But its been moving a little each day, so I know it's still alive, but this isn't his normal behavior. I remembered to check applesnail.net and found this article about poisining which behavior wise seems to match up (no swelling that I can tell thought). If this is correct seems my attempts of keeping the snail poo in the tank to a minimum is not working *facepalm* (although I don't see any adverse reaction in the betta he lives with). So I've done a 1 gallon water change (they're in a 5 gallon cycled) and plan on doing them daily until crap free then stepping up the normal routine they had been on. And I've pulled the snail out into the extra minibow with very shallow water, using the routine at that link above.

Has anyone else have any experience with inactive snails (that weren't already dead) and have something else to try?
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Nerite snails [08 Sep 2006|07:41pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I ordered some of AZGarden's Olive Nerite Snails and put them into the tank today. O_O I AM AMAZED. Those little guys are sucking up the algae, even the long green hair-like algae, like it's candy coated crack! At this rate they should run out of algae in about a week to a week and a half. At that point is it okay to feed them algae wafers since they won't eat plants? What kind of algae wafers would be best? I honestly thought that due to their size they would be able to just keep up with the algae, not eradicate it! x_x

Also, several of them have shells that look cracked, broken, or otherwise maimed. There's coral and sea shells (properly cleaned of course) in the tanks to provide them with calcium, but is there anything else I can do to help keep their shells healthy and heal the ones that are cracked? I really want these guys to stick around and grow BIG and healthy!

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Food variety [18 Aug 2006|11:00pm]

Wondering what variety of food you give your snails? Mine gets mostly nuked zuccini (which his betta tank mate has learned to eat), the occasional algae wafer shrimp pellet (which I think the betta might get more of), and I'm thinking of expirementing with more veggies. Was thinking of frozen peas and spinach to start. Anything else yours have liked?
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[05 Aug 2006|02:05pm]


I just bought my first two apple snails the other day. I picked up one for a friend who has an algae problem in his tank of 5 tiger barbs. I'm not sure how it'll do with them as the male is a total bully, but for now I'm keeping it in quarantine at my house and if it gets picked on I'll bring it home with me.

Anyway, I found them at Petco in a tank full of empty shells (or dead-looking shells.) One was floating and one was on the bottom. The guy pulled them out for me and smelled them, and assured me that if they were dead they would smell "like crazy". I brought them home and still wasn't sure, even as I put them in the tank. They didn't move for a day and a half, and totally ignored the algae wafers I dropped in for them. But then they finally started crawling around, even though I don't think they've eaten much yet. 

They are blue, according to a website I found that identifies colors - white shell, black body, no stripes. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I am going to get them some fresh veggies to see if that's what they prefer, but should I be worried yet? I've had them 3 nights.

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[01 Aug 2006|09:36pm]
Seeing as how my snails are, uh, busy a good majority of the week, there are hundreds of baby apple snails making their way across my 10gal. I've removed the bigger ones that are from, what I assume, is an earlier clutch. There are also smaller ones from a later clutch.

The bigger ones (still very, very small... I'm judging that they're about three, four weeks old at this point) are in a half-gallon critter keeper with algae, anacharis, and an airstone.

I need help. What do I do with all of these? Will my local Petsmart and Petco take them? I have very, very few friends in the fish hobby...

And oh, I have a cycled five-gallon that I'm currently keeping split for two betta males, but I will use it as a semi-grow-out tank in about a month or two, I predict. Only, one of the boys in that tank was sick about a month ago with pop-eye; I treated with Maracyn 1&2 combo, and it's cleared up, but is it safe to put snailies in there now?
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[30 Jul 2006|02:08pm]
So, I posted about my snail situation six weeks ago. I came home over break to find a hatched clutch of eggs and baby snails. The same thing happened again after break. So now I have two small hatched clutches, varying sizes of baby snails, and a third clutch on the way.

What's your suggestion?
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Bye Bye Gary [15 Jul 2006|01:29am]

Lost my big breeder girl , Gary. Died a natural death. Poor girl. Poor breeder program. Thank you for the babies Gary.
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[10 Jul 2006|07:10pm]

I think my Sully needs his water re-chemistried.

I was watching him today, when I noticed there were tiiiny shreds of his shell peeling off, like peeling skin. They were very small, and I don't see any noticible amount of erosion anywhere else. But I worry that my water doesn't have enough calcium.

How do I go about increasing the calcium levels?

[The tank in question is a 10gal, cycled, moderately planted, pH at 7.0, also home to one albino cory and one female betta, been set up for six or eight weeks.]
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